I Have No Idea What I'm About To Write About

I really don't. I've needed to do a blog post for the last week, but I couldn't come up with something specific to write about. I've tossed a bunch of ideas around and can't seem to come up with anything I think is worthy of a blog post. I'm just gonna spitball this out then...Here goes...

The opioid epidemic is real, folks. I can't count how many overdoses we've been to in the last few months. I've literally lost count and that's scary. Georgia has always seems to be the last state to catch trends since I've lived here. And I know that Ohio and New England are really hurting right now with the overdoses, but it seems like we are hurting just like them. I read an article where more police officers up north are getting issued Narcan because they arrive first on these scenes. Narcan is a drug that blocks the effects of an opioid overdose and it's crazy to watch it work. Yesterday we were dispatched to a drowning at a pool in an apartment complex. It wasn't a drowning, it was another overdose, and once we realized what was going on we were screaming at the firefighters and EMS to bring their Narcan. This twenty something girl went from barely breathing- that deep agonal slow breathing that signals death is coming, (we call it a death rattle because it rattles)- to literally asking us why she was on the stretcher. She's lucky her friends were with her. Had they not been, she would've been like a lot of other twenty somethings who I helped put in body bags. I work four days on, and four days off. I seem to be going to at least two overdoses a work week. That's shitty. I live an work in a pretty safe community. But, this epidemic isn't affecting specific communities. It's affecting all of us. Scary stuff, and I'm tired of loading people into a coroners van because they O-D'ed by themselves. And we are getting issued Narcan next month.

I am seriously digging working day shift. I worked nights for nineteen years as a cop. Then, in early April this year I was moved to days. I've had other chances to go to days, and always turned them down. I've always been a night owl so to speak, but I don't think I knew what I was missing. Christina and I go to bed at the same time now. I don't feel nearly as tired during my days off as I used to. I feel like I get more time off now, because I'm not sleeping or trying to stay awake on my first day off. I told my boss the other day that I was never going to back to nights, unless he sent me. He just laughed. I hope he doesn't send me.

Brandi finished editing my next book. It's ready to go but I've been suddenly overcome with some cold feet. I don't know where this is coming from, but now I don't know what I'm going to do. I have another book that's ready, a detective novel that needs to be edited, and now I can't decide what I want. This sucks. I have a book that is pretty much ready for publication, but for some reason I'm scared to try and publish it. I'm in the process of trying to figure out where this is coming from. That process involves me denying my feelings, rationalizing my denials, then feeling sorry for myself. Apparently, I'm kind of a wuss.

I'm ten chapters into, "I am Olivia Green." And I freaking love the book so far. The original plan was to do three or four books. I wanted to do, "Who Is Olivia Green," then, "Where Is Olivia Green," and then either finish with, "I" or maybe a what then an I. But, since I've decided to wrap her story up in two books I'm really enjoying answering all the questions about her in the second book. It moves fast, and I like moving fast.

I'm heading to the beach for a week, then heading to Delaware for a weekend. I'm not going to get to write for a while, and hopefully will put another blog post up in June. I'm going to miss writing. The week at the beach is with family and I can't wait to see everyone. And there are a lot of things happening this week. The weekend at Delaware, I wouldn't trade in for a million bucks. I get to hang out with friends I've known since the first grade. I don't think there are too many people who can say that. Brandi will be at the beach so maybe we can get some work done, but I doubt it. I'll get back to writing in late June.

Christina is amazing. I cherish every day, every hour, every minute, every second with her. I can't wait to marry her in August. I tell myself all the time, I have found the Unicorn. And I have.

Laney got some pretty tough news this week. She is going to be in the back-brace for her foreseeable future. I passed her my scoliosis and she's been in a brace for the last six months. She and I went to her first DR appointment since she's been fitted for the brace and her curve hasn't really moved. While that is good, hopefully she wont need to the surgery, that means she's going to be in the brace until she stops growing. It's hard to explain to a twelve year old how hard that surgery is. (I had it at 14) She's been good this week though, and has resigned that she needs to wear the brace.

I'm glad that the two prisoners who killed the prison guards on the bus and escaped about an hour north of where I work were caught. I was telling my dad that I was on the interstate the morning they had escaped with other deputies and he asked, "What do you do if you they come your way?" I think I said, "Well, dad, we're going to make sure they can't kill anyone else. We're going to stop them no matter what. We'll kill 'em." He sounded a little taken aback. I forget sometimes that most people don't experience violence and it isn't part of their adult lives. I chose to be a cop, so it has been for me. I'm glad those guys surrendered and nobody else died because of them. I would've stopped them had them came here. I would've done whatever it took to stop them.

I could go on, but I'm going to officially start my vacation. Cold beers, visits with family, beach games, good books, walks on the beach, some time with Laney, hanging out with old friends, time and snuggles with Christina... yeah it doesn't get any better. Cheers...