When One Thing Ends, Something Else Always Begins

It's official. The book hasn't sold in a month. And while that is sad, it's been one hell of a ride.

The book was released in January, and while I don't have raw numbers, for the lack of marketing, from my understanding it did ok. Better than most books these days from my research. It sold copies all the way through July, and all over the country. At one point I was in the top one thousand authors on Amazon in the Thriller section. And, out of millions of books, mine ranked in the top hundred thousand a few times. The book has sold all over the country, from Tampa Florida, to Sacramento California. The book was reviewed, and while it wasn't the best review, it was reviewed nonetheless and I didn't have to pay for it.

I didn't reach my ultimate goal of one thousand books, but I'm still proud of how it did.  

And this blog has continued to grow. Last month alone I had 418 page views. This month, ten days in, I've had 65 unique visitors.

I guess, in some ways, I can look at myself and actually call myself a writer.

And, for the longest time, even after my book was released, I didn't do that. I don't know why, maybe that would be an insightful blog post one day.

So, the book stopped selling, and from my last posts I'm sure all my readers here can guess what I've been doing right? Brooding on about how messed up the publishing world is. Internet stalking all the agents I queried last year to see if they are having success signing clients. Researching current trends and trying to get the guts up to plan my next book that will ultimately bring me writing success. Judging every new book that comes out, putting it up against mine. Getting on the internet in writing forums and bitching about how hard it is to break into the business.

Actually no, not one time have I been remotely depressed over the last few weeks.

And there is probably a pretty good reason for that. Her name is Christina.

The post a few weeks ago about how weird I am, and I said that I had been out on a date that week and didn't try to drop in a rap lyric? That was with Christina, and it was our first date. Don't worry, since that time I've rapped the start of "We Want Eazy," and she's now an official Eazy-E fan. 

But it's been so much more than her new found love of Eazy-E. We've really hit it off over the last few weeks. We've been on a few run dates where I was pretty sure I was going to die trying to keep up with her and was thinking about faking an injury to get her to stop. We both love to take walks. Our conversation never wanders. We listen to each other, and talk about all the important things, like what makes personal relationships work, religion, parenting, money. We are both affectionate. And grateful of our time together.

I know it's new, and that is definitely part of why our relationship is so much fun right now. And, we've specifically talked about that and what we both want in the long term.  

She is a pretty amazing woman. I hope she knows just how beautiful I think she is.

My old motto used to be, "Hot-Sane-Single, Pick Any Two," stolen from Tucker Max. (he's a writer, and now owner of Book In A Box, probably the funniest writer I've ever read) And, over the last years I've really thought that to be true. That I'd never find a lady with all three traits.

I think I was wrong.

So, it looks like the book isn't going to sell much if any more copies. In December I should get raw numbers from the publisher to see how close I got to one thousand. And it's sad. But, I'm proud I took my shot, proud of how well it did, proud a lot of readers really loved it, happy that it connected me with some old friends and helped me make some new ones, and exited to maybe take another shot.

It isn't over, but in some ways the story of Who Is Olivia Green is coming to an end.

And the coolest thing in my life right now is that my relationship with Christina is just beginning.