The Book Is Still Selling And I'm On Blood Pressure Medication

Just took my Losartan for the third time in my life, and realistically I'll be taking it as long as I'm working my real job. I'd been bad about going to the doctor, but when I turned 41 in March I figured I'd better start going once a year again. So I searched and investigated doctors in the area, found one that I liked and was taking new patients, figured I'd pop in for a visit and see him next year, and I was wrong. I've seen him three times since April.

He put me on blood pressure medication. That happens when it's 151 over 93 apparently. When they took it I was surprised, but figured it was just me being a bit nervous because I was at a new doctor, over 40, and was scared I might be getting the two finger jab up my you know what. Either way, we re-checked it, then I had to buy a home monitor and keep tabs on it for a month. My schedule usually is 4 nights on, 4 nights off. You can follow my schedule by watching my blood pressure. It was actually quite funny. The nights I work, high 140's over 90's. The nights I'm off, 130's over 80's.

When we got back from Disney I was hell-bent on getting it down to an acceptable number without medication. I don't like medication at all. I haven't taken an antibiotic in years, and probably should have been on antidepressants once or twice but would rather fight through it. It was my long week at work and I was going to eat right, meditate everyday, work out, and really work at keeping it down. Then, three hours into my shift one of my guys yelled into the radio as he was chasing a burglary suspect, "Shots Fired!"

Like most plans, mine getting my blood pressure down naturally went out the window. None of my guys were hit, thankfully, and it was a drug rip, (where guys rob a drug dealer because they know they have cash and don't want the police to investigate), so not necessarily real bad guys. But, when one of my sergeants jumped out of his car to give chase as they rounded a house in a neighborhood, one of the guys took three shots at him. It was probably over his shoulder as he was running away, not that it matters. I kept thinking later about one of my favorite movie lines from Man On Fire, "A bullet has no name."

As a shift lieutenant with two sergeants and fifteen deputies directly under me, nothing in this world could get my blood pressure up more than that. It's funny that the day I had decided to make the lifestyle change to keep my blood pressure down that happens. So, for the first time in my 41 years, I'm taking daily medication. My doctor is hoping I'll be able to get off it, he said if I change my diet a bit, maybe lose 10 pounds or so, it should go down.

I think as long as I have to put on a bulletproof vest to go to work in, I'll be on it.

Anyway, the cool thing is that, "Who Is Olivia Green" is still selling. And the cooler thing is that this blog is continuing to grow. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I can check the metrics on here and my number of unique visitors has increased a good bit over the last few months. It's really bumped here in the last few weeks. I can only hope that the book has reached to people outside of my circle of friends. And if it has, how freaking cool is that!

And if this blog has reached past my friends, which by the numbers it looks like it has, I just want to say, thanks. I love to write. Nothing in this world aside from my daughter could make me happier than if I was writing full time. I am almost half way through a detective novel, and then plan to sit back down with Olivia Green and she will write the second book.

I just want to take a minute and thank anyone who is on here and I don't personally know. Any success I have as a writer, I owe you more than a thank you, but either way it means a lot.

So the book is still selling, and that's also pretty cool. I've been thinking a lot about "What Is Olivia Green" lately. That means I'll be writing the sequel soon. I've really enjoyed writing the Mason Dixon Mafia, and will reach out to my cousin to edit it soon. I'm about halfway done, but it's writing fast. 

As long as I'm writing, life is all-good.

(So just looking at some previous posts, there was a good bit of grammar mistakes, and some words pushed together. I've tried to go back and correct those. If you see a mistake and it bothers you, don't hesitate and email me! I'm horrible at seeing them!)