I Just Needed A Little Perspective

After seeing that the book hasn't sold in a few weeks, I needed a little perspective. My grandparents and a few friends I've had since grade school provided exactly what I needed.

My grandparents are both in their mid-nineties. They live outside of Charlestown. My grandmother seems to be aging quicker than my grandfather, and has been in assisted living since May. She fell a few weeks ago broke some bones in her face, and the realization that she probably won't get out of assisted living is settling in with my grandfather. And I think it's devastating him. I got to go see them on my way to the beach, and he doesn't leave her side. He lives in the community where the assisted living is located, and he wakes up everyday and drives his golf cart to spend the day with her.

And its obvious how much he misses her. My aunt talked to them later in the week and they are talking about selling their house, so he could move into assisted living with her.

Here I was upset that my book hasn't sold in a few weeks. And my grandfather, a guy I look up to so much, is thinking about selling his house so he can live in a nursing home with his wife. Even though he is very independent and doesn't need to live in assisted living.

They have set the example for so many things in my life. 

I hope they know how much they mean to all of their grandchildren.

And my amazing resilient grandmother just keeps on trucking. She looked like she jumped into the ring with Mike Tyson, her face was so bruised up from the fall, all her food has to be pureed, and every time one of her grandkids came by to see her last week, she told us all that we were her favorite. She smiles and is genuinely happy to see us.

And she does all that, sitting next to her husband, who comes to sit with her everyday.


And now that I got all sappy, I'll try and get a little funny. Every year I go to Dewey Beach, in Delaware for a long weekend. Probably my closest friend, who I've known since the fourth grade, rents a family house for two weeks to spend at the beach. And he starts those two weeks with his guy friends where we play golf, beer pong, and go to the bar and look at all the twenty somethings and convince ourselves that we have a chance with them.

There is usually about eight or nine guys there. And four of them, I've known since grade school. Three of them, out of sheer loyalty, went out and bought my book as soon as it went on sale.

That book was written for more of a female audience. I have no problem admitting that. I don't think I necessarily planned that originally, but like I've said in the past, once I start writing, I try and let the characters write the book. I definitely never planned to put so much descriptive sex in the book.

And here three guys that have known me since I was ten years old read it.

The phrase of the weekend was, "I'll take you in my mouth." Straight from my book, of course. I made a shot in beer pong, "Oh, can you take that in your mouth?" Or on the golf course. "That was so good, you should get taken in the mouth."


They are pretty amazing friends. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't get to spend that weekend with them. They all live in the DC area, so it's usually the only time I get to see them. It's usually the best weekend of the year for me.

So, the blog is still growing. I met with Brandi this past week and we talked about the next book. We are tossing the idea around of putting it on the blog for free. I wanted to write a chapter, send it to her, then post it. But she is worried about consistency issues, and rightfully so. I imagine we'll make a decision soon.

Still haven't sold any books according to Amazon. But, when I checked today, my author rank jumped, a lot over the last two days. That makes me wonder if I did sell some, and they just haven't caught it in the sales numbers. I think it probably did, but the sales numbers don't get added until the book ships. So, crossing my fingers that it sold a few recently.

I'm still writing my detective novel, and really enjoying it. I hope to finish it soon, maybe by August.

As always, thanks for reading any of my stuff. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it!