The State Of Olivia Green, And I Finally Did A Will

According to Amazon, the book is still selling. It's hard for me to see raw numbers, but I know last week it jumped again when it sold some on the 16th. My traffic on this site has risen each month, which also indicates that the book is reaching more people. And, for the first time since I've lived in Augusta, I have a driving job. (Companies hire guys and gals to drive the thousands of clients who descend on Augusta during the Masters. I'll be driving for CBS. It's a long week, with fourteen and fifteen hour days.) I plan to dedicate a thousand dollars to advertising from the money I earn from driving.

This is it. The book has been out three months and according to Amazon I've reached the top 1000 authors in Thriller/Mystery a few times since it's been on Amazon. And I've cracked the top 100,000 authors twice in popularity during those three months. Doesn't sound too amazing but that is out of 2 million. I still need some reviews, and am going to solicit some from people who reached out and told me that they enjoyed it. (By all means if you are reading this and can jump on Amazon and write a two sentence review, I appreciate it. An add on Good Reads is also a big help!)

After I drop that grand on advertising, I'll pretty much have used up my resources. Like I said in one of my first blog posts, if the book is good I should be able to reach my goal of getting one thousand sold. I'm excited about the possibility of actually getting there, although I know I'm still a way off.

The support from friends has been awesome. I love hearing from them telling me how much they enjoyed it.

And I finally did a will. (don't worry this ties in) The Young Lawyers Of Georgia, a non-profit group that does charity legal stuff once a month set up in Augusta and did free wills for first responders. I signed up and of course, my appointment is with two-young-hot-chicks who are also members of the Bar. Since I'm not married and only have one kid, my will was by far the easiest one they did all day. (Their words not mine) I don't remember what we were talking about but they asked about secondary sources of income, and I lit up and said, "Well actually my book on Amazon is selling some, and I should see a check in December." Then the Asian hot lawyer gets all sorts of interested and leans in asking me about the book.

I react pretty much how I always do when asked about the book from people, especially hot women. I fold like a collapsible stroller. Fast and efficient.

I even blushed.

I didn't even bring up that the main character is a lawyer.

I made it a point to stop and thank each one of the lawyers in the room who weren't meeting with clients, this was a great service they provided to a lot of cops, paramedics and firefighters. To spend their weekend off, and a lot of them coming from the Metro Atlanta area, I was really impressed with that. I should have tried to hustle a few books out but apparently no matter how much I want to change that aspect of my personality, I can't.

Here was this super hot Asian lawyer who did finance law asking me about my book and was genuinely interested. I didn't even tell her what the title was. I looked around a bit, blushed a bit, and laughed and said something like, "It's about a kick ass female, ugh, ugh, I get self-conscious when I talk about it, but it's really good. I love writing."

At least my voice didn't crack. That is the only positive from that conversation.