It's A Leap Day, And I'm Not A Hustler

I should be out hustling these books. I really should be. Everyone knows this type of person, I call them hustlers. The type of people that are good in sales, always on the move, and always playing their angles. These are the people that buy tickets to the game, but end up down on the sidelines next to the coach because they knew a security guard. These are the types of people that always get upgraded to first class. When they fall into some serious shit, they always come out clean on the other side. They are brimming with confidence, poise, and usually some good luck. 

When you go to a car lot with a specific, rehearsed plan on buying a car and have a set amount and walk-away price for your trade-in, and you walk out with a new car, a payment much bigger than you said you would allow yourself, and you even bought the damn warranty, you just met a hustler. 

And I'm not a hustler.

And, what's worse, I think I kind of need to be.

I had a friend ask me to stop by her work and sign a copy of her book today. And, of course I feel all sorts of awkward, self-conscious, and weird about the entire thing. The conversation is short, I sign it my typical, "thanks for your support, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it," and I leave. I feel so out of character doing that type of stuff. I don't know why.

And I left, went to a BBQ place for lunch, sat down by myself with my book ("Mississippi Mud" great book so far!) and did one of my favorite things to do. I sat by myself at a restaurant with a good book and enjoyed lunch.

I don't think you would see a hustler doing that.

After I left I really started thinking. I need to get some hustle in me, if I am really going to sell a thousand books. I need to do a Facebook Post asking for Amazon reviews, Good Reads Adds, all that stuff. (side note, a friend from middle school and my first French Kiss messaged me telling me how much she enjoyed the book! Thanks Zuckerberg!) I need to go back to the Book Tavern and ask if I can sell some books out front. I need to research advertising, and use every avenue I can come up with pushing my book.

I need to hustle it into as many hands as I can. But, if signing one for a friend makes me nervous, how do I become a hustler?

I know I can't change who I am. To be honest, I don't think I would be happy if I did. I am confident with who I am, and happy with who I am. I've never been a hustler. And there isn't anything wrong with that. The problem is, a hustler would be out here selling books right and left. And, I want that. I really do.

So my goal in the next few weeks will be to really get out there and push it. I'm going to investigate Good Reads advertising, maybe charge some and see how it does. I'm not going to get nervous asking people to read it, or asking if they enjoyed it. I'm going to get a little hustle in me.

And I'm going to do that without changing who I am.

In a perfect world my book would start selling, I could become a full time writer and finish the series in four books, and I would still get nervous every time I was asked to sign a book. 

I know we are far from living in a perfect world. But then again, the world in a lot of ways, is what you make it.