1/19/16 "Thank you, John."  A post about my friend John pushing me to actually write a blog, and some of the nervousness I've had with selling the book.

1/26/16 "The Story Of Who Is Olivia Green." The story of how I formed the book in my head, what I was thinking, to writing it, getting friends to read it and finally getting it published.

2/4/16 "One Thousand, Here We Go." A post about my goal to sell a thousand books.

2/13/16 "If Your Mom Says, 'You don't want to know' You Probably Don't." I take on the sex scenes from the book, how they started, why I did them, and an awkward conversation with my mom about them.

2/22/16 "Good Friends Are Hard To Find, But Pretty Damn Cool When You Do." I was getting upset about not getting feedback from some of my friends, then a couple good ones who don't usually read too much made me realize what was important.

2/29/16 "Its A Leap Day, And I'm Not A Hustler." I'm having a hard time hustling these books out, and I need to better at that. Unfortunately, I'm not a hustler.

03/07/16 "I Love Whiskey, Women, and Writing." A brief glimpse into the writing process for me, and how much I love it.

03/07/16 "I'm Not A Creeper, But, Well This Is Who I See When I see Olivia In My Mind."  A funny story about the girl I've never met who inspired the looks of Olivia Green.

03/16/16 "I Hate Editing. It's a Good Thing I Have An Amazing Cousin." I spend an slightly drunken night rambling on how much I hate to self-edit, and give props to my amazing cousin and Editor, Brandi.

3/24/16 "The State Of Olivia Green, And I Finally Did A Will." I talk about current sales, and provide a funny story about me finally doing a will, and the hot lawyer asking me about the book

3/31/16 "I Come From A Family Of Readers And Writers, And The Mob Was Part Of My Middle School." I discuss some of my family's writing ventures, and a funny story about one of my first girlfriends.

4/16/16 "Ten Thousand Spoons When All You Need Is A Knife." Life is pretty ironic at times, and the irony forces me to learn a good lesson about me.

5/2/16 "Its Been a Tough Week In Columbia County." I talk about the mass shooting in Appling this past week, and focus a bit on the small community itself where it happened.

5/11/16 "I'd Love to Hear What You Think!" I post the unedited first chapter of my newest writing venture.

5/19/16 "I Think A Transvestite Cut My Hair Today." A bit political, not too much, and a story about the girl with man hands who cut my hair.

5/26/16 "Is Everyone Else Winging This Parenting Thing?" I go after an incident with my daughter at Disney, and try to figure out if there is a plan on parenting.

6/03/16 "The Book Is Still Selling And I'm On Blood Pressure Medication." That's right, I'm on blood pressure meds at 41, and the blog is steadily growing!

06/12/16 "I'm A Bit Jealous And At A Crossroads." I dig into how the success of other writers that live in my community have had, and this is the first week I haven't sold any books.

06/17/16 "Sorry For Last Week And I'm Putting My Big Boy Pants Back On." I take an honest look at last weeks post, and try and remember what really matters.

06/28/16 "I Just Needed A Little Perspective." My grandparents and some good friends remind me what's important in life.

07/04/16 "Happy Independence Day!" It's the Fourth of July, and I'm one happy guy for a few reasons.

7/13/16 "The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Policing In America." I've been a cop for 18 years, and with all the media attention about cops I thought I'd share what it's really like.

7/24/16 "Are You Tactically, Mentally And Physically Prepared." I take a quick look at active shooters, and how we all need to be ready for them, not just cops.

8/03/16 "Well, Someone Reviewed My Book." I take an honest look at the latest and well, only, review of my book.

8/17/16 "Is Anyone Weider Than Me?" I'm a strange bird, and apparently had the guts to post just how strange I am.

8/30/16 "Goodbye Mom-Mom, We Love You." My grandmother passed away.

9/9/16 "When Something Ends, Something Else Always Begins." The book has officially stopped selling, but it's all-good because I met someone amazing.

9/17/16 "The Gold Star Family." I share a quick story about running into a Gold Star Mother at a gas station.

10/10/16 "Without People Like Miss Harriet, I Think The World Would Stop Spinning." One of the assistant coroners I work with asked for a copy of my book.

10/26/16 "Parenting, Ugh." Nobody ever tells you how hard being a parent can be at times.

11/4/16 "Well, Now What The Hell Do I Do?" I'm finished with my latest book and need to figure out how I'm going to publish it.  

11/15/16 "Have We Ever Really Listened?" My personal take on the presidential election.

11/28/16 "Confidence Can Be A Fickle Thing." I'm finished my detective novel and don't know what to do.

12/9/16 "There Are Some Amazing People In This World." Suicides peak this time of year. I wish they wouldn't.

01/6/17 "Well, I Finally Got Paid To Write" I received my royalty check from the sales of Who Is Olivia Green.

1/23/17 "Here We Go 2017" A brief look back at 2016 and some plans for the year.

2/6/17 "I Fail, All The Time" A friend says something to me that reminds me of something my brother said a few years ago and it spins me into self-absorbed frenzy.

2/20/17 "Good Things Do Come To Those Who Wait, And Also To Those Who Know What They Want" Christina has changed my life.

3/8/17 "I Have A Roommate!" Christina has moved in, and we had a fun time moving in together!

3/22/17 "Chapter 1, I Am Olivia Green." The chapter for the sequel is up! Let me know what you think!

3/30/17 "The Blue Ridge Boyz." A gang I used to work is out of prison and I reflect on the last ten years.

4/21/17 "So, I Can Hustle Some Books." I worked for CBS and tried to get the nerve up to give out a few free books to the girls that work in the marketing section.

5/9/17 "Going To The Chapel, Gonna Get..." I'm getting married!

5/24/17 "I'm Worried About Us." A book about Columbine shows me just how screwed up our news is.

6/16/17 "I Have No Idea What I'm Going To Write About." And I didn't but at least I finally put up a post.

7/5/17 "Does Good Writing Move You?" It does me.

7/27/17 "A Good Book Can Change Me." Mark Manson's book is really making me think.

8/24/17 "Is There A Meant To Be?" The story of our wedding rings.